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Installation Guide for Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration v2.2
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Installation Guide for Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration v2.2


To start the installation process, log in to NetSuite with an account that has NetSuite administrative access rights. Learn more here.


This quick guide provides basic instruction for installing the 8x8 Virtual Office for NetSuite Integration version 2.2.

Important Note: This version of the integration is now in Legacy status. Users will eventually be migrated to the new integration platform, and administrators will be provided advance notice.

Complete online guides are available for configuration and use of the Virtual Office for NetSuite integration, below:

Keep in mind that 8x8 VO integrations like this one are not softphones.

They cannot be used as standalone phones from your PC.

Integrations are simple control panels for your existing 8x8 phone extension: Because they do not provide audio services, they must be used in conjunction with an 8x8 hardphone, Virtual Office Desktop, or Virtual Office Mobile.

What's Covered

  • Installing the Virtual Office 8x8 Integration for NetSuite
  • Enabling the Telephony feature
  • Setting up NetSuite Click-to-Dial
  • Configuring a custom portlet from which to launch the integration dialer

Note: NetSuite administrator access is required for all but Click to Dial and custom portlet configuration.

Install the 8x8 Integration

  1. Log in to NetSuite with an account that has NetSuite administrative access rights.
  2. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List.
  3. Search for 8x8.
  4. Click on 8x8 Virtual Office 2.0 (with bundle ID 213367).
  5. Click Install.

Enable the Telephony Feature

Performing any 8x8 NetSuite Integration configuration requires that the Telephony tab be visible under Home > Set Preferences > General.

Follow these steps if the Telephony tab is not visible.

  1. Log in to NetSuite with an account that has administrative access.
  2. Go to Setup Company Setup Tasks Enable Features.
  3. On the SuiteCloud subtab, in the Integration Add-Ons section, check Telephony Integration.
  4. Click Save.

Set Up the Click-to-Dial Feature in NetSuite

Click-to-Dial allows you to click on a phone number from within NetSuite to initiate an outbound call.

Each individual user must perform this configuration.

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences. This opens the General tab.
  2. Select the Telephony tab.
  3. For Telephony option, select CTI from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the CTI URL exactly as follows:
  5. Click Save.
  6. Phone numbers within NetSuite can now be clicked to initiate an outbound call.
  7. The Virtual Office phone extension will ring first. Answer that extension call, and the call will be connected from the 8x8 extension to its destination.

Configure a Custom Portlet

Each individual user must configure a custom portlet to see the integration communication panel.

  1. Log in to your NetSuite account.
  2. Go to Home > Personalize > Custom Portlet.
  3. From the Custom Portlet menu, select Setup.
  4. From the Source list, select 8x8 Virtual Office Production 2.0.
  5. Save.
  6. Click the link in the portlet to launch a separate 8x8 integration (dialer) window.
  7. Log in to the 8x8 extension.

Note: Instructions for configuring the Virtual Contact Center NetSuite integration can be found here: