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Failed to Create Call Log Error in Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration
8x8 Support

Failed to Create Call Log Error in Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration



Salesforce users receive the following errors when attempting to disposition a call using the Virtual Office for Salesforce v 2.x integration:

ERROR: Failed to create call log

ERROR: Error saving log Invalid save parameter

Applies To

Virtual Office for Salesforce Integration v 2.x


These errors can occur when:

  1. The Salesforce admin has migrated from the legacy v1.x VO for Salesforce integration to the newer v2.x VO for Salesforce integration, and has enabled custom call logging in the new call center without making required changes.
    • The legacy v1.x integration has only three custom call logging fields.
    • The newer v2.x integration adds two new custom call logging fields, making a total of five. All five custom fields must be properly configured and enabled for any of the custom call logging fields to work.
  2. The 8x8 VO for Salesforce Integration v2.x is installed, but custom call logging is configured incorrectly.


This issue can be resolved in one of two ways:

  • Disable Custom Call Logging
  • Verify and Correct Custom Call Log Configuration
Note: Salesforce administrator access is required when implementing the following solutions.

Disable Custom Call Logging

When custom call logging is disabled, calls will still be logged when dispositioned, but call data logged by the communication panel will not appear in separated, reportable fields.

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Call Centers and click Edit on the call center: 8x8 Virtual Office Integration - Next Generation_Lightning.
  2. Scroll down to Other Options and enter false (lower case only) into the field: Call Log Custom Fields Enabled.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Users must log out of Salesforce and then log back in to fully enable the change.
  5. In the communication panel, each user must navigate to Menu > Settings > Call Outcome Source > Salesforce option and set this option to the OFF (gray) position. See below.
Note: This will force the use of Call Results, which is a built-in default configuration for call disposition. It is configured in the Salesforce call center, just above the Call Log Custom Fields Enabled field you adjusted in step 2 above.


Verify and Correct Custom Call Log Configuration

Navigate to the following Knowledge Base article for full Custom Call Log configuration instructions: