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No Audio When Answering Calls in Virtual Office Integrations
8x8 Support

No Audio When Answering Calls in Virtual Office Integrations



When clicking the Accept  VO_Integrations_Accept_Button.jpg  or Answer Call Integration_Answer_Call_button-41x30.jpg buttons in the 8x8 Virtual Office integrations, Virtual Office Online (VOO), Virtual Office Desktop (VOD), and Virtual Office Mobile (VOM) soft phones provide no audio for the answered call.


By design, Accept  VO_Integrations_Accept_Button.jpg  and Answer Call Integration_Answer_Call_button-41x30.jpg in all Virtual Office integrations only operate an attached hard phone, forcing that device to pick up calls. VOO, VOD, and VOM will not answer calls when using those buttons.

If a hard phone is attached to the called extension, clicking Accept or Answer Call in an integration will force the hard phone to pick up the call, and so no audio will be played in the soft phone.


To answer calls in VO Online, VO Desktop, or VO Mobile, calls must be directly answered by those soft phones.

Note: If by mistake a call is picked up on a hard phone using Accept or Answer Call, simply dial *88 from your desired soft phone to immediately transfer the call to that soft phone.