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Accept Button Fails to Answer Calls in Salesforce Integration
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Accept Button Fails to Answer Calls in Salesforce Integration



When making or receiving a phone call, clicking the green Accept button in the 8x8 communication panel does not answer the call in any of the following 8x8 applications:

  • Virtual Office Desktop
  • Virtual Office Online
  • Virtual Office Mobile

After clicking Accept, the only options that appear are either Reject (inbound) or Cancel (outbound).

clipboard_e8a3646ee45ce05158e099a51e22f3fee.png  clipboard_e9f05480ce9d2b816b68b661667f357eb.png  clipboard_e783e3020cca543d26abc9ad86e62ee56.png

Applies To

This issue applies to all current v2.x integrations for Virtual Office, in the following CRMs:

  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • Zendesk


This issue happens when there is no active desk phone attached to the user's extension.

The green Accept button works only with a desk phone.


If there is no desk phone attached to your 8x8 extension, you must answer all calls through the Virtual Office application you are using.

Please note: Virtual Office integrations are not softphones, so they don't handle or affect call audio. This is why you need another 8x8 phone device to work together with the 8x8 integrations.

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