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Virtual Office Solo End-of-Life FAQ
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Virtual Office Solo End-of-Life FAQ



On 7/31/20, 8x8 will retire the Virtual Office Solo service. If you have Virtual Office Solo service -- either standalone or as part of your Virtual Office suite -- 8x8 will be reaching out via email to provide details on your options for transitioning to upgraded 8x8 services. Your response is required to maintain service with 8x8.

Applies To

  • Customers with Virtual Office Solo service


In July 2020, current administrators of 8x8 VO Solo services will be emailed details of the end-of-life along with a link to an online form for service transfer.

It is vitally important that VO Solo customers intending to continue service with 8x8 complete and submit this form, or risk loss of service. Click here to access the VO Solo response form.

Once you have submitted the form, the 8x8 team will reach out to assist with transition to an upgraded service option, ensuring your business remains connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Virtual Office Solo? Where do I see that?

What do I need to do to keep my phone number and service with 8x8?

How do I complete the response form?

What happens if I do not complete the response form?

What happens if I want to get the new service with 8x8, but do not want the old number?

What happens if I already have a line of service on an existing Virtual Office PBX account?

What happens to my VO Solo account history (CDRs, Voicemail Messages, Recordings, Faxes, and Virtual Meeting)?

What happens if I do not want to keep the phone number, and wish to end service with 8x8?

Additional Information

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