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X series Upgrade Multi Currency FAQ
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X series Upgrade Multi Currency FAQ


Why is 8x8 changing my currency?

In order for 8x8 to provide you with the best features and stability, an upgrade to X-Series is required. Unfortunately multi currency billing is not yet supported on the new platform. 8x8 is moving your account to a single currency to accommodate this upgrade.

What currency will my billing be changed to?

8x8 has analyzed your billing statement has has selected your single billing currency based on usage and main business country. You will be notified of the primary currency selected in your notifications.

Can I still keep track of billing separately by region?

Yes, you can still itemize your billing statements by cost center designations if your monthly recurring amount is over $500. 8x8 will automatically separate your bill into two different cost centers for each currency if not already done so. This will allow you to itemize product and services by location for accounting purposes. Your entire bill however will be charged as one single bill in a single currency. 

Can you postpone my upgrade to X-Series?

All customers must upgrade to X-Series in order to provide future proof stability and features. We cannot postpone the upgrade.

Will my billing method change?


If you’re paying by credit card or direct debit, you will receive one charge in one currency.  If you’re paying by invoice, you may want to discuss with your 8x8 collections representative.  Otherwise, all invoices will be sent to the billing contact on file.

What will my new bill look like?

Your new billing statement will still continue to look the same however you will new X-Series licenses billed per line. The rates for the non native region will be converted to the new single currency. 


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