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Admin Console Call Recording assignments


In order to restrict a user's access to call recordings to one or multiple sites, there are two role assignments that need to be created.

Applies To

  • X-Series
  • Admin Console


  1. An assignment that gives the users access to the Recordings page in Admin Console. 

a. Navigate to Roles & Permissions → Roles page and create new role with 8x8 Admin Console application and at least Call Recordings permissions. Alternatively, an existing role could be edited to grant that permission.


b. Navigate to Roles & Permissions → Assignments page and create new assignment for the selected user with the role at the previous step and the desired site scope/scopes (or Company). 





  1. An assignment that restricts the users access based on site scope/scopes (or Company if no site scope filtering is needed) to the call recordings data.

a. Navigate to Roles & Permissions → Assignments page and create new assignment for the selected user with the out-of-the-box Storage Admin role and the desired site scope/scopes (or Company).


b. If the user needs access to view call recordings, but not be able to delete them, a new role should be created.  Navigate to Roles & Permissions → Roles page copy the Storage Admin role and deselect delete permissions ("Delete Objects" and "Bulk Delete"). Create a new user assignment with this copied role. 



  1. An alternative to copying the out-of-the-box Storage Admin role is to create a new role altogether

a. Navigate to Roles & Permissions Roles and create a new role. Select Call recordings & Storage as application. Assign permissions as desired.


b. Perform step 2.b, and instead of Storage Admin role, use the newly created role name.

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