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X Series Unified Storage Policy Overview
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X Series Unified Storage Policy Overview



Beginning 11/24/20, new X Series customers were assigned the unified storage policy which can be managed via 8x8 Admin Console.

Below are details and comparisons to the legacy policy along with an FAQ.

Applies To

  • X-Series
  • Call Recording Storage


Legacy Call Recording Storage

Customer accounts created before 11/24/20 have the following Call Recording Storage policy:

Users are able to record calls and maintain recording data up to 1GB and higher, according to the license. The storage fee is $5.99/ £3.99 per 1 GB (or portion thereof) in excess of the storage limit. To avoid extra charges, it is important to monitor your storage usage and download and delete your recordings before they exceed the 1.0 GB limit.

Within 12 months, you can access the recordings on your own if the account is active. Beyond the last 12 months, it will require the assistance of Professional Services.

Unified Call Recording Storage

Customer accounts created after 11/24/20, have the following Call Recording Storage policy:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an existing customer migrate to the new policy?

8x8 Accounts team/Sales can migrate existing customers to the new policy, all call recordings prior to the migration will go into "cold storage" for a minimum of 90 days before being automatically removed from the system.

How do I order these new storage options?

By default, all orders for new customers are enabled with the new media storage plan. As outlined above, dependent on the type of X Series user license ordered, 30 or 130 days’ hot-storage for voice calls and meetings is included as standard. Extended-period storage options, including long-term archive, can be ordered as optional add-ons.

How much time do I have to move to the new plan?

There is no requirement to move to the new plan. Existing customers can continue to use their current-licensed media storage capabilities.

Can I add one of the new ‘cold storage’ options to my system and keep my current ‘hot-storage’ entitlement?

It’s not possible to mix-and-match the previous and new storage plans on the same system. In this example, when the new cold-storage licenses are purchased, the storage plan is converted to the new plan, with the relevant 30/130 day hot-storage retention period.

What’s the difference between hot and cold storage?

Hot storage items are available for instant playback while Cold storage items are archived for an extended amount of time.

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