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How to Retrieve Call Recordings
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How to Retrieve Call Recordings


With call recording, extension users can record their own incoming and outgoing calls, play them back, download, or delete them. Set the recording feature to record all calls, record calls selectively, or to never record calls. You can also set notifications that will announce to the user and the person they are calling that a call is being recorded.

Note: To enable Call Recording in Work for Desktop, click here

Applies To

  • Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Admin Console 


Download Recordings in Work for Desktop

  1. Log in to Work for Desktop.
  2. Click Call Recordings.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.21.01 PM.png
  3. Click More Options (three dashes).
  4. Click Download.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.21.57 PM.png

    Note: To enable Call Recording in 8x8 Admin Console, click here

Download Recordings in 8x8 Admin Console 

  1. Log in to 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. Click Call Recordings
    Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 9.47.18 AM.png
  3. Check All in the Filters bar to view all your call recordings. You can also filter recordings by:
    • Date: Select a starting and ending date to look for calls within a date range.
    • User: Search by username.
    • Direction: Check the box next to Inbound or Outbound to view your incoming or outgoing calls.
      Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 2.47.58 PM.png
  4. Check the box to the left of your recording.
  5. Click Download in the top right corner of your screen to view your selected call recordings.
  6. Click the Download icon to download the call recording file.

Additional Information 

Users are able to record calls and maintain recording data up to 1GB and higher, according to the license. The storage fee is $5.99/ £3.99 per 1 GB (or portion thereof) in excess of the storage limit. To avoid extra charges, it is important to monitor your storage usage and download and delete your recordings before they exceed the 1.0 GB limit.

Within 12 months, you can access the recordings on your own if the account is active. Beyond the last 12 months, it will require the assistance of Professional Services.