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How to Enable Email Notifications for E911
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How to Enable Email Notifications for E911



This article will walk you though how to set up email notifications for when a user dials 911 from your 8x8 phone system. 

Applies To

  • Configuration Manager
  • Sites


  1. Login to Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Sites.
  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of the site you wish to add the email notifications to. 
  4. In the text box under E911 Notification Emails, type in the email address you want to receive the E911 Notification emails. You can add more emails by pressing the spacebar and typing in additional emails. 
    2020-05-06 10_38_48-Window.png
  5. Click Save.

Additional Information

For more information on Kari's Law, please see the FCC's website

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