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Unable to call International mobile numbers


Unable to call international mobile numbers

Applies To

  • Most countries i.e. Germany and South Korea
  • Admin Console



Before proceeding with the resolution steps, you will need to login to Admin Console.

  1. Click on Admin Console
  2. Click on Phone numbers
  3. On your numbers list check under External Caller ID for the Display Name should be something like City,Country Name
  4. If the display name has a comma ie. New York, USA you will need to remove the comma by following the below steps:
    1. Select the 3 dots  icon on the right side of the panel on the number appearing with Comma in Display Name:
    2. Select Edit Shared Caller ID
    3. Remove the Comma from the Display Name
    4. Save the settings


Some countries do not recognise Comma appearing in Display Name / Remote Caller ID


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