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Disabling Messaging (IM and SMS) in Configuration Manager
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Disabling Messaging (IM and SMS) in Configuration Manager

Note: To enable or disable SMS or IM in Account Manager (legacy platform), click here.


To disable messaging functionality (IM/SMS) for a user.

Applies To

  • Configuration Manager
  • Messaging (IM, SMS)


  1. Log in to Configuration Manager
  2. Click on Side bar (three vertical lines) > Profile Policies.
  3. Click Create new profile policy (top right of the page). 
  4. Enter a Policy name.
  5. Under General, toggle Disable messaging functionality
  6. Click Save.  
  7. Click HomeUsers.
  8. Select the user(s) to edit > click Edit icon (pencil) to the right hand side. 
  9. Under Services and Permissions, assign the new policy. 
  10. Click Save.
  11. Have the user log out and log back in.
Please Note: Toggling Disabling messaging functionality ON/OFF will do so for all users under that policy. To disable Messaging for individual users, without creating an individual Policy profile for each user, contact customer support.

Additional Information 

  • Senders will not get an error when sending IM/SMS to the affected users.
  • If the users get the messaging capability re-enabled, those messages will show up in their history.
  • If disabled, the messaging tab is removed from Virtual Office Desktop.