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Hot Desk FAQ


How does 8x8 Hot Desk work?

Any extension user belonging to the same PBX as the host can easily log in and out of a Hot Desk host device by dialing *43 followed by their extension and password.

What password is used to log in and out of Hot Desk?

Use your 8x8 voicemail password to log in and out of Hot Desk.

Does a Hot Desk host device require its own Virtual Office service plan?

The 8x8 Hot Desk feature is an add-on service, and costs are configured per enabled extension. It does not require its own Virtual Office service plan. The service plan of the user signing into the Hot Desk host device is the service plan that is then used.

Does a Hot Desk host device come with its own direct number and/or extension number?

No, a Hot Desk host device is not addressable.

Is there a timeout that will automatically log a Hot Desk user out?

No, the user will remain logged in until they log out or someone else logs in.

When a user logs into a Hot Desk device, can they still use Barge-Monitor-Whisper on that device?

Yes, when a user logs into a Hot Desk device, they are still able to use the Barge-Monitor Whisper function on that device.

Will the end-user's assigned phone still ring when logged into a Hot Desk phone?

Yes, the user's assigned phone (i.e., regular office phone) will still continue to ring even when they are logged into a Hot Desk phone.

If the Hot Desk phone reboots, does it log out the user?

No, if the Hot Desk phone reboots, the user remains logged in.

Can a Hot Desk phone participate in Polycom Group Paging when not in use by an employee?


Can a Hot Desk phone be able to Hot desk other Hot Desk Extension?

No, since the Hot Desk phone doesn't have the ability to make and receive calls. You will get a message "Please enter a valid extension number"

If you make an emergency call form a Hot Desk host device, what shows up as the emergency address?

The physical location of the Hot Desk phone is registered as the emergency address of the call. Your administrator can set the caller ID and the emergency service address for the Hot Desk extension in Account Manager. See the Hot Desk User Guide for details on how to configure Hot Desk in Account Manager.

What is Hot-Desking? 

Hot-Desking is used in shared workspaces. It allows multiple users to occupy the same space or use the same Hot Desk device or host as if it were their own. 

Do Hot Desk calls show up in Virtual Office Analytics?

Yes, Hot Desk calls do display in Virtual Office Analytics.

Can a user be logged into multiple Hot Desk phones simultaneously?

No, a user can only be logged into one Hot Desk phone at a time. When the user attempts to log into a second Hot Desk, the second Hot Desk becomes active and the first Hot Desk will no longer be active.

Can a user make an outbound call on a Hot Desk phone if they are not logged in?

If there are no users or guests logged into the Hot Desk phone, only outbound calls to emergency services (i.e., 999) will work. The Hot Desk phone uses the 999 settings for the phone's location and ignores the 999 settings and location of the Hot Desking user's profile. 

What happens if a user does not log out of a Hot Desk device and a new user wants to log in?

When a new user logs in, the prior user will automatically be logged out.

Can a user log in to the same extension where Hot Desk is enabled? 

No, since the extension is being utilized for Hot Desk you will not be able to log in to the same phone. If you want to use the extension, disable Hot Desk or log in to another phone with Hot Desk enabled.

Is 8x8 Hot Desk an add-on service? How much does it cost?

Yes, 8x8 Hot Desk is an add-on service to Virtual Office that allows users to log into a shared endpoint (e.g., shared desk phone) and be able to receive calls, make calls and retrieve voicemail, just as if it were their own phone. 

Hot Desk costs are configured per enabled extension and do not include the cost of equipment nor the cost of the Virtual Office Service plan.

Are you interested in adding Hot Desk to your 8x8 Virtual Office phone system? Contact your 8x8 sales representative or the 8x8 Sales line at 0333 043 8888.


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