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Is my network ready for 8x8 Virtual Office?
8x8 Support

Is my network ready for 8x8 Virtual Office?

Whether your network is ready for 8x8's services will depend on your current network setup. Virtual Office is a hosted VoIP telephone service, requiring a high speed internet connection, proper configuration of networking equipment such as a modem and QoS-enabled router, and either an IP-configured phone or a soft phone.

Check your Internet service

8x8 service works well with nearly all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We recommend cable, DSL, FIOS, T1, or T3 to ensure the most reliable 8x8 service.

To prevent incompatibility or reduced quality, please do not attempt to install 8x8 with dial-up, satellite or Wifi/4G-only Internet service.

Network configuration

To see whether your network is ready

  1. Check your equipment setup.
    • It’s important to have a QoS-enabled router. 
    • Are you using a separate modem and router? If you are, great! This will help with call quality.

      If not, please contact your ISP to request a standalone modem and discuss options for connecting a separate, QoS-enabled router.

      (If your ISP is unable to provide solutions, please contact 8x8 Implementation Service.)
  2. Run a bandwidth test. You can run a test by using 8x8's Network Utility Tool.
For more in-depth information, check out our guide to Getting Started with Virtual Office.


8x8’s IP phones come pre-configured to work with 8x8 service. You can also use 8x8 service with the Virtual Office Desktop or Online soft phone, as well as the Virtual Office Mobile smartphone app for Android or iOS!

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