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Why can't I dial local short code numbers?


Why does my call fail when I am calling short code numbers, such as 311 and 511?

Applies To

  • All 8x8 Virtual Office products
  • USA Customers


At this time, we support E911 as a mandatory requirement per FCC rules and cannot be opted-out from this. 411 is also supported via multiple national providers.

The following short code numbers are not supported:

  • 211
  • 311
  • 511
  • 811
  • 611

Additional Information

Most localized short codes have a 16-digit equivalent that can be reached regardless of carrier or service provider. 

Additionally, the following short codes are supported by 8x8:

  • 911
  • 711
  • 411

For more information on how to have 411 and 711 enabled on your account, please see this article

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