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Download Virtual Office Desktop

Description & Download

Virtual Office Desktop is a comprehensive unified communications application that integrates a business softphone with visual voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, presence, video calling, fax, call recording, and web conferencing—all in a standalone desktop application. Click the buttons below to Download Virtual Office Desktop for your Windows or Mac computer.

For PCEXE version for per-user deployment: For users that have their own machines and can install upgrades on their own without their company controlling the updates they install. (Learn more.)

For PCMSI for machine-wide installation: Installs VOD machine-wide to the Program Files folder. Best for companies that want to control the version that their users receive. (Learn more.) If the file downloads as a .exe, remove the .exe and try to download again.

For Mac DMG for macOS: For macOS 10.10 or later (macOS 10.9 Mavericks and earlier no longer supported). If the file downloads as a .json, remove the .json and try to download again.

By clicking the buttons to download above, you acknowledge and accept the 8x8 Terms of Use and (where applicable) the 8x8 Beta Services Terms of Use

Version 6.5.5 (3) published on 12/12/19.

Minimum System Requirements   

For a complete list of requirements, refer to the Technical Requirements.

What's new in this release?

The key features in Virtual Office Desktop v 6.5 are:

Core & Voice

  • Inform the user when using a non-GA VO version aka 'PRE-RELEASE mode'.
  • Allow users to use Plantronics / Jabra / other headsets with Call Control.
  • Callee (incoming via) number macro in Caller info pop-up.
  • Allow speaker test from Call Using/Headset.
  • Introduce system shortcut for Hangup. 
  • Setting to keep VOD window on-top.
  • Search is UTF-8 compliant (search Chinese names).
  • In-app access to free training videos to facilitate self-training.
  • Contact card UI harmonization.
  • [Windows] Different app shortcut name for the MSI installer to tell apart from the EXE installer.
  • [Windows] Updated EXE installer animation (splash screen) to avoid user confusion.
  • [MacOS] Apple notarization support.


  • Improved interaction between Virtual Office Desktop calls and 8x8 Video Meetings.


  • Support for Silent Mentions allowing users in the company directory to be mentioned in a Room conversation without being notified. 
  • Ability to retry or discard messages that could not be delivered due to transient failures.
  • Removed Edit or Delete actions on messages after Server expiration period to edit messages.
  • Spell checking now available on all supported locales besides EN-US.
  • Ability to view messaging server versions on VOD About window.
  • @mention support for multi-byte characters in a user's name.
  • Users without license or provision to send SMS will not see the ability to send SMS from Contact card, voice mail or call log list.

Technical Features

  • Improve VOD resilience when VOS is down and the user has logged out.
  • Improve memory & CPU metrics.
  • Correlate client and server requests.

Known Issues

  • Users are not prompted with options to end the conference call when a call ends from multiple call views and instead, the call ends for all users.
    Workaround: End the call from the In-call UI to see these options.
  • In a sent message the More Options menu has hidden options if message height is more than the default.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes intermittent issues with using touch tones during a PSTN call, or when connected to an IVR system and SRTP is enabled on the extension.

Download for Windows

VOD provides two packages for Windows. The two packages are fundamentally different, using different deployment and update mechanisms. We recommend reading the following carefully before using either of them.

Engineering and developmental support of VOD for Windows 7 will end February 12, 2020. Click here for details.

EXE Version for Per-User Deployment

The EXE version is meant for users that have their own machines and can install upgrades on their own without their company controlling the updates they install.

What to Consider

  • EXE version will be installed to %LOCALAPPDATA%.
  • Automatic updates are downloaded and installed for the user. In previous versions, users were prompted to install the update.
  • No need for maintenance — VOD will keep itself up-to-date and secure.
  • VOD will check for updates every time the user sign in or once every 24 hours or when they check for updates manually. The updates are downloaded in the background without user intervention
  • If there is an update to be installed, VOD will apply the update automatically when the user signs into VOD. If the user has not installed an update three days after it was downloaded, they will see a Relaunch to Install banner. They can click the Relaunch to Install link and install the update.

For PC
EXE version

MSI for Machine-Wide Installation

The Windows Installer file (MSI) package installs Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) machine-wide to the Program Files folder. By installing in the Program Files folder, it can be used by multiple users on one computer.

This package is best for companies that want to control the version that their users receive.

What to Consider

  • Single installation on a machine that multiple users that use the computer can leverage.
  • IT Admins are required to keep VOD up-to-date and secure

For PC
MSI version

Download for Mac

Click the button below to download and install Virtual Office Desktop for macOS (DMG file).

For Mac

Engineering and developmental support of VOD for macOS X Yosemite ended October 16, 2019. Click here for details.

General Troubleshooting

Previous Versions of Virtual Office Desktop

If for some reason you are unable to use the latest version of VOD, you can download the previous GA release here.