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Calls Drop Immediately After Answering in Virtual Office Desktop
8x8 Support

Calls Drop Immediately After Answering in Virtual Office Desktop

Install the latest version of Virtual Office Desktop to make sure calls are not dropped immediately after answering. Learn more here.


As a Windows user, when you make or receive calls with the Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) app, the calls drop immediately after placing or answering the call. You may also experience no audio when switching to VOD Classic Mode.

Applies To

Virtual Office Desktop v 5.2, v 5.3.1, v 5.4, v 5.9, Windows 10


This issue may be resolved by uninstalling your current version of VOD and installing the latest version for VOD.

The previous version must be uninstalled and computer needs to be rebooted prior to installing the latest version of VOD. Updating VOD from within VOD will not install the latest version.

8x8 engineers are working actively working to confirm resolution of this issue. Impacted users can still make and receive calls with the Virtual Office Mobile app (Android | iOS) if the issue remains unresolved until then.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


This is due to a recent update to Windows 10.