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Accessing Call Queues in Virtual Office Mobile
8x8 Support

Accessing Call Queues in Virtual Office Mobile


Accessing Call Queues in Virtual Office Mobile.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile 
  • Call Queues



Users must be running Virtual Office Mobile 9.2 or higher for the options to appear in-app. All versions support dial-in.

  1. Open Virtual Office Mobile.
  2. Tap Calls.
  3. Tap Queues
  4. Select from the list of available queues and tap enter

You are now logged into the call queue. To log out of the call queue, follow the same steps above. To confirm if you are logged into a call queue, note the call queue icon on the bottom left of the profile.callqueuevom.jpg


  1. Open Virtual Office Mobile.
  2. Tap the Dialpad.
  3. Dial 5 5 7.
  4. Follow the IVR instructions to log in/out of assigned queues. (You can log in/out of specific queues individually, or all queues at once.)
    • Option 1: Log in to all queues.
    • Option 2: Log in to a specific queue.
    • Option 3: Log out of all queues.
    • Option 4: Log out of a specific queue.
    • Option 5: Review current queue assignment details.

Additional Information

Call Queues can also be accessed through Virtual Office Desktop. More information on Call Queues is available. 

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