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Configuring Microsoft Azure AD for 8x8 Virtual Office SSO/SAML
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Configuring Microsoft Azure AD for 8x8 Virtual Office SSO/SAML

To make slight changes to the section Configuring Microsoft Azure AD SSO, enter in the Identifier field. Learn more here.


Microsoft Azure's Tutorial on how to setup SSO/SAML provides information for configuring both Azure and 8x8 Virtual Office. Since Azure's tutorial is very detailed, there are slight changes that need to be made to the section Configuring Microsoft Azure AD SSO.


Step 3 in Configure App Settings

  • Enter in the Identifier field and the Reply URL field.
  • Select Show advanced settings (optional).

Step 12 in Configuring Microsoft Azure AD SSO (same section)

  • For Uploading the Certificate, Account Manager takes certificates in Standard PEM (.cer) file format.
  • Convert the Certificate file to Standard PEM via
    • Browse file for the Certificate.
    • For Type of Current Certificate choose (DER/Binary).
    • For Type To Covert To choose (Standard PEM).

When opened in Notepad, a Standard PEM certificate should look something like this.

begin cert.png

If the certificate displays any of the below special characters, it was improperly converted.