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Microsoft Azure SSO/SAML Error When Testing Configuration


When attempting to test the 8x8 SAML/SSO application from Microsoft Azure, you receive an error:

  • Application with identifier '' was not found.

This error may persist even though configuration is verified in both 8x8 services and Microsoft Azure.


Applies To

Configuring 8x8 Single Sign-On/SAML for Microsoft Azure. The 8x8 application is installed from the Microsoft application gallery into your Azure account.


During the 8x8 application install process in the Azure portal, the installation has likely been corrupted.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Review and verify all SAML/SSO configuration settings in Azure. Please see Microsoft's user guide, here for details.
  2. Review and verify all SAML/SSO configuration settings in 8x8 Account Manager or 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  3. If the configuration of both Azure and 8x8 are correct, delete the 8x8 application from Azure and re-add it.


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