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How to Assign Admin Privileges in Account Manager


Note: To assign admin privileges in 8x8 Admin Console, click here.


The phone system administrator uses the online 8x8 Account Manager to manage your company’s Virtual Office phone system, update billing information, check call logs, and more. But what if others in your company need access? That’s where the Privileges feature comes in. The Privileges feature allows the 8x8 Phone System Administrator to give other users the privilege (and responsibility) of logging in to the 8x8 Account Manager to manage all or part of your 8x8 Virtual Office phone system.

Why Assign Privileges?

  • Maintain strict system security to protect your business from damage and fraud liability.
  • Share the responsibility for managing your 8x8 phone system with others. For example:
    • Assign and train a back-up administrator who can make changes if the primary phone system administrator is not available.
  • Allow role-based access to specific parts of the Account Manager. For example:
    • Your finance person may only need access to the Billing Section to view bills and update credit cards.
    • You may want someone to be able to only view Call Log reports.

Assigning Privileges

Note: Before assigning privileges to an individual, they must have a User Profile.

  1. Log into your Account Manager.
  2. Click Accounts from the top menu, then click View in the Privileges box, or click Privileges from the menu on the left side of the screen.
    AM Accounts.PNG
  3. Click Assign New Privileges. Note: To simply copy the privileges to a second administrator, click the red Copy in the Actions column along the Primary Admin's profile. The Primary Admin is marked by a yellow star.
    AM Privileges.PNG
  4. Select the user to which you want to assign privileges in the User Profiles box.
  5. Specify which privileges the user(s) will have access to in the Account Manager Privileges. Check the boxes next to the privileges you want to assign. Clicking the red text of that privilege topic will expand the option to further narrow down what the user will be allowed to change
  6. If you have more than one PBX, you can assign privileges to each by selecting the PBX(s) in the PBX box.
    AM Add Priv.PNG
  7. Click Add at the bottom of your page. A confirmation message will pop up, indicating the new privileges have been assigned.
  8. Separately, contact your new secondary admin(s) and request that they add a passphrase in Account Manager. Passphrases are required when contacting 8x8 Support and requesting any help that necessitates account info or changes.