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How to Prepare Virtual Office Phone System for a Holiday


Note: To prepare your Virtual Office phone system for a holiday using 8x8 Admin Console click here.

Will your business be closed or have reduced hours of operation during a holiday? Virtual Office makes it easy to prepare with options to temporarily configure your voicemailcall forwarding, and Auto Attendant to intelligently handle incoming calls while you are away.

Click below for detailed instructions on how to:

  • Configure your extension voicemail and Ring Group voicemail.
    You can set your voicemail to play an alternate holiday greeting, as well as set announce-only mode if you do not intend to return holiday calls.
  • Configure your call forwarding.
    If you would like to direct calls to an alternate number during holidays, you can simply create and activate forwarding rules to automatically perform this handling.
  • Configure your Auto Attendant(s).
    Your Auto Attendant is a powerful tool that offers an array of options for call handling in situations such as holidays or reduced hours of operation, including time-based greetings and routing.
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