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How to Set Up the Dial by Name Feature Using Auto Attendant

To set up the Dial by Name feature using Auto Attendant, Dial by Name option from the Call Routing drop-down. Learn more from the full list of steps here.

Note: Click here for more information on setting up the Dial by Name feature in Virtual Office Configuration Manager.


The Dial by Name feature allows someone calling your business to use the audio menu to reach a specific extension on your system by dialing the extension user's name on their phone keypad. The feature is available in your Auto Attendant options. The steps below will help you enable extensions for use with the Dial by Name feature. 

Before You Begin

All extensions with the proper setup are available in the Dial by Name directory. In order for an extension to appear in the Dial by Name directory, the extension user must have:

  1. An external Caller ID under the Extension Page with the First and Last Name as it should be entered in the Dial By Name Search.
  2. The box for Hide in Auto Attendant Directory unchecked in their Extension Settings.
  3. First and last name recorded in their voicemail box. This allows the Auto Attendant to "read" the name aloud to the caller.

To set up the Dial by Name feature using Auto Attendant

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Select Phone System.
  3. Under the Phone System menu on the left, select Auto Attendant.
  4. Locate the profile you want to configure and click Edit.
  5. Click + to expand the Business Hours Rules and Recordings or After Hours Rules and Recordings settings sections.
  6. Choose a key press and select the Dial by Name option from the Call Routing drop-down.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Go back to the Auto Attendant menu and turn on the profile (Note: It is very important to turn Auto Attendant back on!)

Caller experience when calling into Auto Attendant

  • The IVR will prompt the caller to enter the first three or four letters of the first or last name of the person they are calling.
  • The caller will enter the information, and the IVR will read back the extensions that match.
  • If an extension matches, then they will be mapped out to key presses. Example: "Press 1 for extension 1003, press 2 for extension 1005, or press * to get to previous option."