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Tips for Recording Auto Attendant Menu

Record your Auto Attendant greeting either by yourself or professionally. Visit the 8x8 Audio Production store for assistance with script writing. Learn more.

Record it professionally or do it yourself?

An Auto Attendant greeting is often the first impression callers have of your company. An engaging and well-crafted recording can strengthen your company’s image as a professional and successful business. The 8x8 Auto Attendant allows you to easily record your greeting directly into the system using your own voice, or upload a professionally-recorded audio file.

Note: You can record and upload Auto Attendant greetings in Account Manager or Virtual Office Configuration Manager.

Consider a professionally-recorded greeting if you:

  • Feel shy about recording your own voice
  • Have a heavy accent that might be difficult for callers to understand
  • Need assistance writing a script; the 8x8 Audio Production store provides assistance with script writing.
  • Want to add background music to your recording; a professional service ensures that the music volume is not competing with the vocals
  • Want to maintain a unified vocal image for your company by using the same voice talent for voicemail greetings, messages on hold, company presentations, marketing promotions, and other business communications

For information on professional recordings, visit the 8x8 Audio Production Store.

Tips for doing it yourself

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Excessive background noise will be distracting and sound unprofessional.
  • Practice reading your script out loud. Often your script will sound different out loud than when you read it in your head.
  • Speak calmly and professionally Use your own voice and personality. Avoid the temptation of going into radio-broadcaster mode.
  • Smile while speaking. You will be amazed at how a smile will come through in your recording.
  • Take your time while you’re recording. Speak just a little bit slower than you think you need to. Play back the recording and re-record until you are completely satisfied.
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