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Tips for Setting Up Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants can serve as a back up to a live receptionist to facilitate the transfer of calls. Learn how to set up your Auto Attendant from the guide here.

Note: This guide is primarily for Account Manager users. Click here if you are setting up your Auto Attendant in Virtual Office Configuration Manager.


Auto Attendants can serve as a back up to a live receptionist, or can facilitate the transfer of calls without the need for a human operator. You’ve probably come across an auto attendant when dialing a company. The Auto Attendant is the recording that says, “Press 1 for ______.” Your Auto Attendant can even be set to direct calls based on the time of day, weekdays, weekends, holidays, and business exceptions (i.e., planned meetings). 

Four Steps to Planning Your Auto Attendant

  1. Identify the calls you want to go to the Auto Attendant.
    • Should all inbound calls go to through the Auto Attendant, or just those that your live receptionist can’t answer? Is the time of day important?
  2. Decide what menu options callers will have.
    • Will one menu work, or will you need sub-menus?
  3. Determine where to route calls.
    • What should happen to the calls? Should they go to a person, a group, a cell phone? What if call doesn’t get answered?
  4. Write the menu script.
    • Do you need multiple language support?

Set up Steps

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Pre-configuration: Set up Ring Groups, Call Queues, and Extension forwarding settings.
  3. Configuration: Set up Auto Attendant profiles, time-schedules, routing options, and greetings.
  4. Post-configurationSet up virtual and toll-free numbers.

Configuration Examples

Click the links below to download helpful PDFs.

  • Small Office – Set up your Auto Attendant to back up to your live receptionist.
  • Store Front – Use Ring Groups to make all phones ring at once; how to set up group voicemails.
  • Start Up – Use an Auto Attendant and Ring Groups to make your company look bigger.
  • Multiple Language – Use an Auto Attendant to set up sub-menus for multiple languages or businesses.
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