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How to Configure Call Park Extensions or BLF Call Park in Account Manager

To configure Call Park Extensions or BLF Call Park in Account Manager, assign the Call Park extensions to a BLF key by going to Configure Line Keys. Learn more.

Note: To configure Call Park Extensions or BLF Call Park in Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.

To set up a Call Park Extension (also known as enabling BLF Call Park), you need to:

  • Add a Call Park Extension.
  • Assign the Call Park Extension to a BLF key on the phone.

Add a Call Park Extension

Assign the Park Extension to a BLF key on the phone

The next step is to assign call park extensions to BLF keys on phone sets. In the example of the hardware store, we need to configure three BLF keys on the phone used by the front desk associate. For other departments, however, we will add only one BLF key such as Paints for the paint department, Lumber for the lumber department, and so on.

To assign the Call Park extensions to a BLF key

  1. From the Home screen in Account Manager, navigate to Phone System.
  2. Select Line Key Configuration from the menu. A list of extensions eligible for line key configuration shows.
  3. From the list, select an extension and click Configure Line Keys.
    You are prompted to back up the contact directory or speed dials on the phone.
  4. Perform the back-up process on your device.
  5. After completing the back-up on the phone, click Confirm to continue in Account Manager.
  6. The Line Key Configuration screen shows the device key map with assigned keys and unused spare keys on your phone.
    This key map corresponds to the keys on your phone.
  7. Drag and drop (or double-click) the BLF key to an unused key in the map. You can also edit an existing line key.CallParkStep2_5-600x250.png


  • The Chrome browser does not support drag-and-drop functionality. Double-click the key for the key type options.
  • The number of Line Appearance Keys and BLF keys allowed for the extension depends on the Power Keys plan it is associated with.
  1. Select Call Park Extensions from the menu.
  2. Enter the Call Park Extension label you created earlier and click Search.
  3. Next to the appropriate extension, click Select.
  4. The assigned BLF key appears. Click OK.
  5. For the front desk associate's phone, we need to repeat the above process to add the lumber and lighting departments to this associate's phone.
    For phones used in every other department, we would need to create only one BLF key.

    Note on Additional BLF Call Ringing Notification: When Enable Call Screen Notification is enabled, inbound calls for the BLF extension will appear on the screen of the monitoring desk phone and an additional key press is required to accept or reject the call. When Enable Call Screen Notification is disabled, the user can press the BLF extension to connect the call.

  6. Click Save to reboot the phone and update the screen configuration. You can edit your BLF keys at any time by clicking Edit to the right of the BLF key, and following the steps above to save your updated extension.
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