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Change IVR greeting for Call queue if all agents are busy


Change IVR greeting if all agents are busy for a main line (auto attendant) that is forwarded to a call queue.

Applies To

Account Manager > Call queues


  1. Login into AM.
  2. Navigate to Menu Phone System.
  3. Click on Auto Attendant menu. 
  4. Edit the Auto Attendant in cause, and identify the call queue to which is forwarding the calls.
  5. Click on Call queues.
  6. Edit the desired Call queue.
  7. Scroll down at IVR Message .
  8. Click on Manage greetings . 
  9.  cl2.JPG
  10. cl3.JPG
  11. Click on Upload Greeting if you wish to upload a new greeting. Select checkbox if you want to make it as default for this call queue.
  12. cl4.JPG
  13. Click on Record Custom Greeting if you wish to record a greeting from a phone. The system will select this greeting as default after you close the call.
  14. cl5.JPG
  15. Select the greeting and then click back.
  16. cl6.JPG
  17. Click Save.
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