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Call Recording - Frequently Asked Questions
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Call Recording - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the maximum length for a call recording (Virtual Office Pro package)?

The maximum length for a call recording is 2 hours. 

What is the maximum capacity for call recording per user?

There is no such limit.

Is there a maximum Recording Retention Period for Pro user Call recording?

There is no such limit.

What is the maximum Download capacity of Call Recording Download within Account Manager?

The maximum download limit is 1024 MB. 

Does 8x8 Support Bulk Download of Call recordings?

Yes, however, this issue must be raised with our Professional Services team. 

How often can recordings be Downloaded in bulk using SFTP/FTP service?

This must be discussed and agreed with our Professional Services team when setting up the Bulk Download feature. 

Can recordings be automatically deleted after being bulk downloaded using SFTP/FTP?

No, while we allow bulk download, we do not allow the deletion of said calls in bulk. 

Can the Operations team write a script to bulk download VO recordings? 

This can only be achieved with prior legal approval. Please contact the Professional Services team for more detailed information on this. 

What is the average size of Call recording?

Our call recordings measure 0.5 MB per minute. 

Does 8x8 offer Encryption of VO Call recording? How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer encryption of Call Recordings.