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Manage Your Call Recordings in Account Manager

Note-Icon.png Note: To manage your Call Recordings in Admin Console, click here.


Virtual Office Pro users are able to record calls and maintain recording data up to 1 GB (per extension) for free. The storage fee is $5.99 USD (£2.99 GBP) per 1 GB (or portion thereof) in excess of the free limit. Please contact 8x8 Support for questions about storage fees.

Recordings can be managed in either Account Manager or Virtual Office Desktop/Online by:

  • Account administrators (for all extensions in the PBX)
  • Each individual extension user (for their own recordings)
Note-Icon.png Note: Users who have call recording set to Always On should be especially wary of their recording storage to avoid fees. 8x8 Support is not able to delete recordings on behalf of customers/users

In Account Manager > Phone System > Call Recording, placing checkmarks for each of the options (Change Announcement Settings, Delete Recordings, Listen to Recordings) restricts the user from those options. VOD users will NOT have CALL RECORDING option.

If you want users to have the option to Change Announcement Settings, Delete Recordings, and/or Listen to Recordings there should NOT be a check mark in the selected option. This will allow VOD users to see CALL RECORDING option.

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