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Error Prevents Saving an External Forwarding Number in Account Manager

Getting an error while attempting to save an external forwarding number? Include a "1" before the area code and number. Learn more here.


When setting extension forwarding rules in Account Manager, you select the option to Forward to External or Extension, and input a domestic external phone number. However, when you click to save your changes, you encounter the following error: International forwarding is not available. Please contact customer support for assistance.


Applies To

Account Manager


Enter 11-digit forwarding number.

When inputting a domestic forwarding phone number in Account Manager, be sure to include a "1" before the area code and numberExample: 12135551212.



Most likely, you need to include a "1" before the rest of the 10-digit phone number. Absent the "1," the system reads the number as a non-U.S. destination. If international forwarding is not available on the extension, it will generate the above error.