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How to Configure Simple Cross-Site Dialing

Cross-Site Dialing enables users from different PBXs to call by extension between different sites. Learn how to configure Cross-Site Dialing from the guide here.
Note-Icon.png Note: To configure cross-site dialing in Admin Console, click here.



Cross-Site Dialing enables users from different PBXs to call by extension between different sites as long as they are configured under the same company (i.e., company's phone system has Cross-Site Dialing enabled).

You will need to have administrator rights in Account Manager to set up this feature.

Configuring Cross-Site Dialing in Account Manager

This article will present a simple solution for companies without branches. For more information on how to configure branches for this feature, please consult this document regarding cross-site dialing setup.

For this example, we will use the company Acme. Acme used to have all its extensions on one PBX, but now it has three PBXs, all under the Acme company in Account Manager: Acme1, Acme2, and Acme3, as they opened two more offices.

To set up Cross-Site Dialing in Account Manager

In the upper right corner of Account Manager, you will be able to select between the three PBXs from the Phone System Name section.


For each PBX, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Home > Phone System > Company Settings.
  2. Under Extension Dial Plan Settings, fill in the following fields:
    • Extension Length: Combined length of branch code (in our case 0 as the customer doesn't have branches configured) and short code (extension length)
    • Phone System Access Code: A unique identifier for each site (PBX)
  3. Save all changes.

In this example, Acme has four-digit extensions and no branches. If we want to assign a Phone System Access Code of 20 to Acme1 site, this is how it should look like:


After you have configured all the sites, inform the end users that they can now dial by extension between each site.

In order to dial from one site to another by extension, they will just need to add the two-digit Phone System Access Code of that site in front of the extension that they want to call (e.g., to dial extension 1234, you would dial 201234).

To make Extension-to-Extension Calls with Cross-Site Dialing

In-site dialing will remain unchanged. For dialing between sites, users will have to add the unique identifier (Phone System Access Code) for that site in front of the extension.

We will use the following Phone System Access Codes:

  • Acme1: 20
  • Acme2: 21
  • Acme3: 22

Please take a look at this diagram to see how the Acme company is set up.


Calling Examples

  • Sarah dials 1002 to call Jeff
  • Sarah dials 211001 to call Rob
  • Sarah dials 222001 to call Jane
  • Dave dials 211001 to call Rob
  • Dave dials 201002 to call Jeff
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