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How to Set Company Number as Caller ID for All Extensions

To set your main company number and name as Outbound Caller ID, log into Account Manager and go to Company Settings option. Find the full list of steps here.

Note: To set the main company number as a caller ID for all site extensions in Admin Console, click here.


Want to make sure your company’s main number and name are shown no matter which of your 8x8 extensions dials out? Follow the steps below to allow your main company information to be sent as caller ID info, while internal users will still see which 8x8 network extensions are calling them.


Note: At this time, these settings will not affect 8x8 PBX to 8x8 PBX calls (even if they are not part of the same customer network). The receiving device will show the calling extension user's first and last name for such calls.

To Set Main Company Number and Name as Outbound Caller ID

Step 1: Make sure your company name and number are properly set.

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. From the top menu, click Phone System.
  3. From the left hand menu, click Company Settings.
  4. Under Caller ID, ensure:
    1. Company Name is entered as you want it displayed. Note: There is a limit of 15 characters, including spaces. Using special characters will result in the carrier databases not updating properly. Entering more than 15 characters will result in your Caller ID Name being truncated.
    2. Main Number matches the number you intend to display as the caller ID number.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Note: Step 2 is optional if you wish to set one company number as your caller ID. For companies that wish to display multiple caller ID numbers, please proceed with the following steps.

Step 2: Configure Caller ID for your company number.

  1. From the left hand menu, click Virtual and Toll-Free Numbers.
  2. Locate your company number in the list and click Edit to the far left.
  3. In the Edit Toll-Free/Virtual Number window, ensure:
    1. Optional Caller ID First and Last Name are entered as you want your company name displayed.
    2. (Optional) Allow User Access to Optional Caller ID option is checked to allow individual users to electively use this number as their outbound ID.

Note: To restrict users from making any changes to their own external caller ID, see Step 4: Restrict extension users from setting an alternate caller ID.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Step 3: Set all or individual extensions to use the main company number (MCN).

  1. From the left hand menu, click Extensions.
  2. Click Edit Multiple Extensions.
  3. In the extensions table, in the topmost dropdown menu for Display No. for Outgoing Calls, select your main company number. This will set that number as the outgoing caller ID number for all extensions on the PBX.
  4. If you wish to select the main number as outgoing caller ID number for one or just a few extensions, simply search for the extension number(s) and change the change the Display No. for Outgoing Calls individually. 
  5. Below the extensions table, click Save.

Step 4 (Optional): Restrict extension users from setting an alternate caller ID.

  1. From the left hand menu, click Extensions.
  2. Click View All Extensions.
  3. For each extension you wish to restrict:
    1. From the Actions column, click Edit for the extension you wish to restrict.
    2. In the Extension Information section, check the box for Caller ID Option Locked to User?
    3. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.
  4. Repeat for each extension you wish to restrict caller ID settings for.

To change the caller ID settings for individual extensions, see How do I set my outbound caller ID?

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