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Where can I find the activation code for my phone or base unit?

Note-Icon.png Note: To find the activation code for your phone or base unit in Virtual Office Configuration Manager, click here.


To find your activation code for your phone or base unit.

Activating your 8x8 phones requires an activation code. This activation code is included in all of the following:

  • The Order Shipped email - Sent to the email address given by the person who placed the order.
  • The user's extension Welcome email - Sent to individual extension users when a new user profile is assigned to an extension. If you cannot locate your Welcome email, your 8x8 account administrator can have it sent to you again.(See: How do I resend the Virtual Office welcome email to extension users?)

Applies To

  • Phone Activation


Find an Activation Code in the Welcome Email

  1. Look for an email with the subject, "You've Been Assigned a New Virtual Office Extension."
  2. Scroll down to Your Extension Info to see the Device Activation Code.


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