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How to Change Outbound Calling Options in Account Manager


This guide will show you how to change the followings settings:

  • Outbound Calling Country. Set the country that your system is based in, you might set this differently to the country you are actually based in if you frequently make calls to another country.
  • Outbound Calling Options. You can set this to Domestic (in-country) Calling, Allow International Calling or Only Emergency Calling. 

Applies To

  • Account Manager
  • Outbound Calling


  1. In Account Manager click on Phone System.
  2. Click Configure under Outbound Calling Options
    Outbound Calling Options - Step 1.PNG
  3. Here you can either change settings for the whole account (all extensions at once) or you can amend extension settings individually.
    • To amend all extensions at once, choose the desired options from the drop-down box.
      Outbound Calling Options - Step 2 (1).PNG
    • To amend individual extensions, click on Allow International Calling next to the extension you wish to change.
      Outbound Calling Options - Step 2.PNG

      This will then open a smaller window with options to choose from. Click OK when selections have been made.
      Outbound Calling Options - Step 4.PNG
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