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Why can't I make international calls?


Note: The process described below is specific to Account Manager. Click here to set up international dialing for Admin Console users.


When making an international call, receive a fast busy tone or this message in Work for Desktop.VOD Intl disabled.png

Applies To 

  • International Dialing 
  • Account Manager



Note: Please ensure that step 4 below is completed. A PBX default value of Domestic (in country) Calling is a common root cause of problems dialing internationally.

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Click the Phone System tab.
  3. Click Outbound Calling Options: Configure.
    AM Calling Options.png
  4. Under PBX Defaults, from the Outbound Calling Options drop-down, select Allow International Calling.
    (This is required even if individual extensions themselves are set to Allow International Calling.)
    AM PBX default.png
  5. Under Extensions Outbound Calling Options, do either of the following:
    • Enable all extensions: From the Calling Options drop-down, select Allow International Calling.
      AM Intl Calling.png
    • Enable individual extensions: For each extension in the table, click the current Outbound Calling Option, then select Allow International Calling.
      AM Intl Calling Ext 1.png
  6. Click Save.


Metered international calling is available to all Work for Desktop users, though Unlimited and Global extension plans include free calls to landlines in select countries. For more information, see 8x8's International Calling page.  

If your phone equipment is connected to the public Internet (connected directly to a modem or gateway, and not behind a router or firewall), you may have your ability to dial internationally restricted by 8x8. Please contact 8x8 Technical Support if you have properly set up your extension(s) for international dialing, followed instructions for dialing abroad, and still cannot connect.

Additional Information 

  • For general guidelines on international dialing, please see
  • For calls to most countries:
    • From the US: dial: 011 + country code + phone number.
    • From the UK: try using the plus sign (+) instead of double zero (00) when making the call.
      • For example, try dialing +44xxxyyyzzz instead of 0044xxxyyyzzz.
  • For calls to countries within the North American Numbering Plan, dial 1 + area code + 7 digit local number (same as dialing out to another US state).
  • Ensure that international dialing is enabled for your PBX/extension(s). (See below.)
  • Some international destinations are restricted.

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