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Cannot enable 8x8 Work Desktop and Mobile for Contact Center dedicated agents via Account Manager


Check buttons to enable Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile, from extension information section, are grayed out.

Applies To

  • Account Manager


  1. Navigate to Phone system Extensions > and select desired extension. Take a look at the "VCC Dedicated Extension" option and see if it's checked.
  2. Navigate to Accounts and search for the user profile and press Edit.
  3. Select New Private Routing, press to button to auto assign an extension and press Add. You will have a new virtual extension which will be used for Contact Center. 
    You can Save now the configuration.
  4. Navigate back to Phone System Extensions and search for the extension. You should be able now to enable/disable Virtual Office and Virtual office mobile.


This behavior is present for "VCC dedicated extensions", which are meant to be used only with Contact Center. For these types of extensions, the extension and Direct-in-Dial (DID) number are permanently redirected to Contact Center agent channels.

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