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SMS Showing Caller ID Number of Different Extension


When you send an SMS, the destination side receives the caller ID number of another extension on your account. 

Applies To

Account Manager users 


In order to resolve this, the extension that shows the wrong caller ID needs a unique profile assigned.

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Go to Phone System > View All Extensions and click View.
  3. To the left of the affected extension, click Edit.
  4. Next to User Profile, click Select User Profile. Note: If a profile is already assigned, click Clear User Profile and then select a unique profile for this extension.
  5. Click Save Changes.



This occurs when a profile is assigned to multiple extensions, typically the default admin profile. When an SMS is sent, the system chooses the caller ID based on the profile. If there are multiple extensions with the same profile, the system may choose another extension's caller ID. 

Additional Information

To see how to create a profile for an extension, see How do I set up a User Profile?