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Configuring a Virtual Extension in Account Manager

To set up a Virtual Extension, log into Account Manager and navigate to View All Extensions under Phone System. Learn more from the steps listed here.

A Virtual Extension is an extension with a DID (direct inward dialing) number with no service plan. A Virtual Extension is not associated with a physical hard phone or soft phone (Virtual Office Online, Work for Desktop, and Work for Mobile are not available). Incoming calls can be routed to voice mail, an Auto Attendant, an internal extension, or an external phone number.

To set up a Virtual Extension

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Go to Phone System > View All Extensions > View.
  3. Locate the extension you want to set up and click Edit.
  4. Under the Extension Information section, complete the First Name and Last Name fields. Creating a New User Profile is optional and can be done to assign a user to the extension.
    Enter first and last graphic 2-600x233.jpg
  5. Under the Extension Settings section, select the correct Time Zone.
    time zone graphic 2-600x91.jpg
  6. Under the Voicemail Settings section, enter a new Voicemail Password (following the password requirements) and select the user's preference for Voicemail Notification Via Email.
    voicemail graphic 2-600x132.jpg
  7. Under the Call Forwarding section, check the box the desired call forwarding option. Incoming calls will always forward to one of the following end-points: Auto AttendantVoicemailOne Number Access or to an External Phone Number or Extension.
    call forwarding 3-600x98.jpg
    • To forward incoming calls to voicemail, select the box under Forward to Voicemail.
    • To forward incoming calls to an external number (i.e., mobile phone, external answering service, etc.), select the box under Forward to External or Extension and enter the number under Phone Number (digits only). 
      Note-Icon.png Note: Calls will not ring back to 8x8 voicemail if no answer at external number.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users transfer a call to a Virtual Extension?


Can a Virtual Extension be assigned as a member in a Ring Group?

Yes. Any member with a Virtual Extension can receive Ring Group calls if their call forwarding rule is configured to ring to an external number.

Ring Group with virtual extension-600x116.jpg

Can a Virtual Extension be assigned as a routing option within an Auto Attendant menu?

Yes. For example, to set up the directive "Press 1 to reach Joe Smith," Key 1 is configured with a call routing option "Transfer to Extension" to the respective virtual extension number. The call will then follow the call forwarding rules configured for that virtual extension.

AA key 1 to virtual extension-600x190.jpg

Can I log into Virtual Extension from Work for Desktop (old VOD)?

No. VE is no long supported in Work for Desktop. See the following KB on how to log into VE via Virtual Office Online: How to Log Into Virtual Extension