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How to Edit Extension Details in Account Manager


Note: Click here if you are editing extensions in Virtual Office Configuration Manager.

After a User Profile has been assigned, extension user details such as Caller ID or Voicemail Settings can be edited by the system administrator in Account Manager. Some details, such as name and email address may only be edited by the system administrator in Account Manager at the User Profile level

To edit multiple extensions

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click Phone System > Edit Multiple Extensions > Edit.

  3. On the Edit Multiple Extensions page, configurable options include:
    • Caller ID First Name - The first name (or first word) that will appear as part of the extension user's Caller ID.
    • Caller ID Last Name - The last name (or second word) that will appear as part of the extension user's Caller ID.
    • Hide in Auto Attendant - If checked, this extension will NOT be listed in the Auto Attendant when callers access the Corporate Directory or Dial-by-Name options.
    • Make International Calls - Allows extension user to dial out of the country.
    • Allow Social Networking - Allows extension user to access and communicate with Facebook and Twitter contacts using Virtual Office Desktop/Online/Mobile applications.
    • View Billing Statement - Allows extension user to view their billing statements in Virtual Office Online.
    • Music on Hold - Allows user to select the music on hold for their extension from the company library in Virtual Office Online.
    • Display Number for Outgoing Calls - The number that will be displayed as part of the extension user's Caller ID.
    • Time Zone - Affects the time display on phone, as well as voicemail timestamps.
    • Emergency Service Address - The address to which emergency services will be directed if an emergency services number (such as 911 in the US) is dialed from this extension. Please ensure this is entered accurately and regularly checked.
      Note-Icon.png Note: The image above is only a partial view. The table continues to the right.
  4. After entering a name or display number, click the checkbox to apply the change to the entire column.
  5. Click Save to apply your changes.

For a complete guide to managing your extensions, see Set up Your Phone System > Manage Extensions in Account Manager Online Help.