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How to Enable Extensions to Use Analytics for 8x8 Work in Account Manager


Note: To enable extensions for Analytics for 8x8 Work services in Admin Console, click here.

Upon order confirmation, access to Analytics for 8x8 Work services defaults to no one, including the account administrator. The account admin must assign visibility privileges in Account Manager—including to themselves—as described below.

Once enabled for a given user, that user will be able to see and access the Dashboard from the icon on their Application Panel page. 



Note: Following initial purchase and setup, it takes about 48 hours for initial data to populate and become visible, and some reports will not be available immediately.

To enable Anaytics for 8x8 Work privileges in Account Manager

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. From the top menu, click Accounts. (Alternatively, in the Phone System Setup box on the homepage, click View Privileges.)
  3. In the Accounts menu on the left, click Analytics Privileges.
  4. On the Virtual Office - Analytics Privileges screen, follow the instructions to enable users by checking the box next to each username you want to grant privileges to.
    • VO Analytics provides extension level analytics and is assignable to all extensions on your PBX. The number of licenses available is (N/A), since all extensions can be assigned access.
    • VO Work Group Reports is purchased as an add-on to VO Analytics. This adds Ring Group and Call Queue reporting. The number of licenses available is shown within parentheses (  ).
    • VO Monitoring and Management is purchased as an add-on to VO Analytics. This adds Call Quality and Device Status reporting. The number of licenses available is shown within parentheses (  ).
  5. To the far right of any username, in the Action column, click Edit to specify which types of reports and data that user will have access to view. (Click OK to save any changes made.)
  6. When you are finished assigning privileges, on the Virtual Office - Analytics Privileges page, click Save Changes.
  7. The account admin and any enabled users can now sign in to the Application Panel at and click the Analytics for 8x8 Work to access the Dashboard. (Alternatively, users can sign in directly at

Additional Information

Analytics for 8x8 Work is the newly rebranded name of VO Analytics.

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