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How do I set up Virtual Office Pro features?

To set up Virtual Office Pro features, navigate to Phone System in Virtual Office Desktop app settings and select View All Extensions. Learn more here.

If you have purchased a Virtual Office Pro extension, it comes with two additional features: Internet Fax and Call Recording.

Dial-in numbers are automatically selected for Virtual Office Meetings and Internet Fax. Once your extension's username and password have been set up, you can review these in Virtual Office Desktop application Settings.

To view these settings as an administrator in Account Manager, from the top navigation bar:

  1. Click Phone System, then View All Extensions, then View.
  2. Next to any of your Virtual Office Pro extensions, click Edit.
  3. Go to the Virtual Office Pro Information section and click the plus (+) icon to expand it. Review settings and make desired changes.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page when complete.
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