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What numbers are available to use for my 8x8 Work extensions in Account Manager?

Note-Icon.png Note: To search for and apply available extensions in 8x8 Admin Console, click here.

When setting up your 8x8 Work extensions, you are generally able to use any numbers you like as extension numbers, except for those service ranges reserved for common system functions.

Review the Extension Usage Map below to see which numbers are and are not available for use as individual extension numbers in your 8x8 phone system. (This table is also visible in Account Manager on the Change Extension Number screen.)


Do not apply extension numbers identical or near to local emergency numbers! (e.g., 911, 999, 112, etc.)


Need to add an extension?

If you wish to purchase a new extension for use in your phone system, we recommend contacting your 8x8 sales representative. You can also add new services in Account Manager.

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