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How do I add additional emails to receive my faxes on Account Manager?


Add additional email addresses to receive a users Virtual Office Desktop faxes.

Note-Icon.png Note: Users must have a Virtual Office Professional License, or higher, to have the fax functionality enabled on VOD.

Applies To

  • Virtual Office Desktop
  • Account Manager


  1. Log into your 8x8 Account Manager.
  2. Click on Phone System.
  3. Select Edit next to the desired user.
  4. Open the Virtual Office Pro Information tab.
  5. Next to the Fax-to-Email Address header add in the email addresses that you want to receive faxes for that users fax number.fax 1.png
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can only add a maximum of 5 additional email addresses for each fax user.

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