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Why BLF Keys are not Recommended on Ring Groups?


Phone having delay when they pick up a regular call or a parked call. Sometime it may show that BLF keys indicates the monitored extension's phone is not active or marked X. 

Applies To

  • Power keys 


Polycom phone that have BLF keys configured between extensions should not be a member of the same Ring group(s). 


Both  BLF Keys and Ring group uses SIP Forking Feature also known as Call Splitting that will send signal on a group of phones to ring. If both BLF Keys and Ring Group is associated with the group of phone, once call comes in from the Ring Group, it will send Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signal to all members of the group and BLF Keys will also send  SIP signal to all configured phones and will use up the phone's resource causing either faulty BLF Keys function, delay answering incoming calls or delay when taking parked calls. 

Additional Information

We recommend the use of Group call pick up instead of Ring groups when phones are configured with BLF Keys.

Here is the link below how group call pick up work.

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