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What is the difference between Group and BLF Call Pickup?


What is the difference between Group Call Pickup and BLF Call Pickup?

Applies To

  • Group Call Pickup
  • BLF Call Pickup


Group Call Pickup creates the ability for a group of individuals to pick up a ringing phone without having to physically have access to that phone. Group Call Pickup also works on Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile. This feature is included with an 8x8 X Series service plan and does not require the purchase of Power Keys. The limitation of Group Call Pickup, however, is that it does not allow for remote monitoring.

BLF Call Pickup enables an individual to pick up a ringing call on an extension that he or she is monitoring. This can be a remotely monitored extension. The users do not have to be within earshot of the ringing line. Power Keys Service is required for BLF Call Pickup, and this service only works on supported Poly deskphones. Power Keys is available with the purchase of most X Series licenses. To inquire about adding Power Keys Service, contact your 8x8 Sales representative at 1-866-879-8647.

Additional Information

Both of these features can be set up and configured in Account Manager and Admin Console.

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