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How To Back Up The Contact Directory in Order to Make Line Key Changes (Single Contact Edit on Phone)


Backing up the contact directory on your phone(s) is essential before editing line keys in Account Manager for the first time. Configuring line keys in Account Manager allows central editing after the local directory is saved once to prevent accidental loss of locally saved contact data on the phone. For simplicity, you can add a "dummy" new entry on the phone and save it for a quick back-up.

To back up the Contact Directory in order to make line key changes (single Contact Edit on phone)

  1. From the phone's Home (or main) view press/tap Menu > Directories > Contact Directory.
  2. Select a contact to edit (select a contact and tap Edit icon) or use “+” to create a new contact.
  3. If you wish to make the contact into a Speed Dial, scroll down the list of options and select Favorite Index.
  4. Assign an index according to where you want the contact to display on the phone or sidecar.
  5. Press Save.
Note-Icon.png Note: See your phone's user guide for more specific, detailed steps on adding a contact to the device.

When making Line Key changes in Account Manager

If you see this message:

download (10).png

Press Confirm to continue configuring line keys only after you have completed the back-up steps above.

Pressing Confirm without completing the on-phone steps will result in the following error:

download (9).png

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