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Phone Doesn't Ring on Inbound Call to Ring Group


The phone will not ring on incoming calls to a Ring Group associated with the extension.

Applies To

Ring Groups


Check DND and Forwarding Settings

Check settings to ensure nothing is interfering with the Ring Group call getting through to the device.

All SIP phones provisioned to 8x8 service have a soft or hard key option called DND (Do Not Disturb).

To check for DND

  1. Ensure that the Do Not Disturb message is not displayed on the phone screen.
  2. If enabled, disable DND by pressing the DND hard or soft key.
    download (18).png

All SIP phones provisioned to 8x8 service have a hard or soft key option called Forward.

To check local forwarding

  1. Press the Forward hard or soft key.
  2. Ensure that Always, No Answer, and Busy are all set to Disabled.
    download (19).png


This issue is likely due to one or more of the following

  • Forwarding rule(s) are enabled
  • DND is enabled
  • Device is offline
  • Invalid Ring Group settings
  • Frontend-backend mismatch
  • Network configuration 


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