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How to View Configured Phone Numbers

To view or edit configured SIP trunking numbers, log into Account Manager and select Virtual Trunk as the account you want to manage. Learn more here.


Viewing or editing configured SIP trunking numbers

Applies To

Account Manager, SIP Trunking


  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. If asked, select Virtual Trunk as the account you want to manage.
  3. In the top navigation bar, click Account Information. In this section, you will see the Gateway Name listed for each trunk.
  4. Locate the trunk you want to view or update, and click Edit in the Actions column. You will be presented with all the pertinent information needed to configure your SIP trunk on your PBX, including:
    • Login ID
    • Password
    • Public SIP IP address
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view:
    • all of your provided phone numbers
    • the e911 Service Address configured for each number
  6. Click any Service Address to edit the information.
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