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Forward a Virtual Number to an External Number Using a Ring Group


Be able to forward calls from a Virtual Number to an external number using a Ring Group.

Applies To

  • Account Manager


  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Click the Phone System Ring Groups.
  3. You could either create a new Ring Group or edit any of the existing Ring Groups that you prefer to use.
  4. Navigate to Immediately Forward Calls to and select External Phone Number.
  5. Enter the external phone number.
  6. Click Save. (Make sure to remember the extension number of this Ring Group)
  7. Click Virtual and Toll-Free Numbers.
  8. Click Edit across the Virtual Number in question.
  9. Look for Sub Parent Destination Type and on the drop-down box, select Ring Group.
  10. Under Destination, select the extension of the Ring Group where you set the forwarding rule on earlier.
  11. Click Confirm.
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