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Calls to My 8x8 Toll-Free Number Are Failing
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Calls to My 8x8 Toll-Free Number Are Failing


Callers attempting to reach your 8x8 Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center system via your toll-free number are unable to get through.

Applies To

Virtual Office, Virtual Contact Center, toll-free numbers


The solution to this problem is to avoid toll-free-to-toll-free calls. If callers have trouble reaching your toll-free number from another toll-free number, suggest calling from a non-toll-free number.

If there are still issues reaching your toll-free number, note the local number the caller is calling from and create a case with 8x8 Technical Support. We will open ticket will be opened with the appropriate carrier to investigate.


  1. These calls are from another toll-free number. If you have a toll-free number in the United States, these callers are using a toll-free ANI (caller ID) themselves. The reason toll-free-to-toll-free calls will sometimes not go through in the United States is that neither party knows who will be paying for the call, so the underlying carriers simply do not complete the call.
  2. These calls are from an international number.
    • If you have a Toll-Free number provisioned in the United States: You are receiving calls from an international number. Most countries do not support calls to toll-free numbers, even if they are International Toll-Free numbers.
    • If you have a Toll-Free number outside the United States: Your Toll-Free number is registered in a place that does not accept toll-free calls from outside the country.

International Toll-Free Calls

It is very expensive for the phone service carriers when toll-free numbers are called from outside the country of origin. So by default, most toll-free numbers cannot be called from outside the country they are provisioned in unless specifically arranged, and the owner of the toll-free number agrees to pay all charges (even calls from robo dialers and fraud that can add uncontrolled incremental cost).

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